Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Olive Group – Your Partner In Securing Your Business’ Assets

In every kind of business, security must always be the priority. Securing your assets should always be on top of your priority list. Hence, most ventures today are trying to hire the services of private security group in ensuring that all their business operations, assets and equipment are at safe hands. Among the industries that are faced with plenty of risks and threats is the oil and gas industry. Good thing Olive Group is there to help you ensure security in various industries.

About Olive Group

Olive Group is a global company that specializes in serving the energy, critical infrastructure, and national security sectors. Their strong track record assures the success of their clients even in the most challenging quarters of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

How They Got Their Name And What Does It Symbolize?

The name of the company which is Olive Group is actually a reflection of their politically and culturally sensitive approach to working in dynamic and oftentimes volatile emerging markets. The olive branch is a symbol of stability, cultural understanding, reconciliation and peace. The core values that underpin their operating philosophy are the provision of international best practice while performing activities with respect for people, traditions, and culture.

Their Core Values

  1. To uphold the principles of integrity, trust, and reliability
  2. To strengthen as well as empower local economies and communities
  3. To build capacity through proper knowledge transfer

The company is very committed to give priority to local talents and suppliers as well as to come up with a profound understanding of the societal, operational, and legislative operational situation on the ground. In turn, this will allow them to create safe and secure environments in a very sustainable and discreet manner.

Why Choose Olive Group?

High-end Provider – They highly emphasize that their people, internal processes and their quality of service are one of the best in the industry. Their senior team’s experience will include work with police, military, and intelligence agencies, investment banks, leading defence and technology companies, and top-tier management consulting firms.

Technology Enabled – They have earned a reputation for offering cutting edge solutions of the highest standard, delivered on time, and most importantly, within budget. They actually have pioneered the integration of technology into a lot of risk mitigation solutions and developed high-end systems where off-the-shelf solutions don’t meet the standards their clients may require. And since they integrate technology-based solutions in their overall service offerings, they have achieved a multiplier effect for their client. This has also allowed them to provide better value and high quality security solutions.

Providing Local Expertise On A Global Basis – Their local insight and resourcefulness stems from the deep experience of their clients in certain environment which was supplemented by their strategic partnerships with carefully vetted private and public sector organizations.
They actually provide lots of security services that various industries can invest in. To learn more about them along with the services they offer, read on

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