Monday, November 17, 2014 - Your Partner In Managing Your Goals In Life
While we are all created equally in the eyes of God, we are all endowed with unique traits and personalities. Each of us has the right and ability to make our own choices and fulfill our dreams according to our plans. And for some people who need assistance in governing or directing their own lives, there are service providers approved by the government to help them.  At I Can for instance, they provide assistance to people with a disability.

Let's get to know

 It is a host service provider approved by the Department of Communities to implement the Your Life Your Choice program, which allows you to direct your own arrangement. With their belief in the unique ability of each person, they have come up with disability services that allow such individuals to self-direct their own arrangement. 

Being a host provider, it does not provide direct services. Its primary duties only include hosting your funding, assist you manage and create an arrangement that best suits your needs, and letting the Department know the hours and items you may use by reporting to them each quarter. 

What can you get from I Can Direct?

1. Initial Consultation
This service is FREE and can be used to a maximum of 2 hours. 

2. Planning
Cost: $59.00 per hour
Once you are prepared to begin your journey of self-direction, contact I Can Direct and talk to them about your plans. 

If you don't exactly know what your plans are, they can assist you develop one and even help you find a service that can do this with you.

3. Facilitation
Cost: $59.00 per hour
They help you obtain the services, support and equipment you will need to make your plan work and live the life you choose.

4. Coordination
Cost: $59.00 per hour
Their services also include providing assistance in regularly coordinating your chosen arrangement with the Department to make sure it is in accordance with the legal requirements for self-directing and also ensure you meet the obligations of the funding agreements.

5. Financial Administration or Bookkeeping
They also provide support in funds administration as well as reporting.
Cost: $59.00 per hour

However, less than an hour will be charge differently. A minimum of 30 minutes will be charged for invoice processing and then additional cost for every 15 minute increments.
To learn more about I Can Direct, please visit their website at or give them a call at tel: +61414611168.

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