Friday, November 14, 2014

Empower Wealth – Helping Australians In Their Property Investment

It is possible for anyone to increase his wealth position if he is truly interested in making it happen. That is what they believe at Empower Wealth. Yes, it is possible, but for most, they need professional assistance. And that is what the people at Empower Wealth are offering.

About Empower Wealth
Empower Wealth is one of Australia’s leading property, finance and investment advisory firm. This well-known and multi-awarded advisory firm is based in Melbourne and is led by Ben Kingsley and Bryce Holdaway.

With a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, the group aims to help Australians to better manage their money and build their wealth by means of independent property investment advice and acquisition. Being client focused, they provide tailored finance, property and wealth advisory solutions that were developed with the aid of specialist advisors from the property, finance and financial planning disciplines.

The Services They Offer

Property Investment – A property investment advisor will give advice on how to strategically build an overall property investment portfolio and help clients to tactically determine the right investment grade property that best meet their financial goals and objectives.

Property Research – Provide a more detailed analysis to help clients buy the right property.

Buyers Agent – To look for properties, negotiate with agents and bid on client’s behalf at auctions. The full advisory service will include clarifying the needs and wants of clients, assisting in the selection of the best performing property and help in dealing with real estate agents.

Money Management – To provide clients with an immediate view of their projected long-term wealth based on their existing household expenditure and cashflow so they will understand their finances and make better use of their extra money.

Mortgage Broking – To help look for the best loan that will suit a client’s needs and give advice on their loan structuring. 

Financial Planning – A financial planner will give advice on overall wealth including superannuation, personal insurances and investment options that are available in different platforms.

Wealth Building Education – To provide educational content to help equip people to be able to make more informed decisions.

Why Choose Empower Wealth

Working with Empower Wealth will give clients the opportunity to make use of a team of professional, qualified and experienced specialists. With the combined talents of these professionals, clients are ensured that their wealth outcomes are better than what others can offer.
For more information or if you want to ask questions, check the firm’s website at

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