Thursday, November 20, 2014

EMDI Institute Of Media & Communication - Producing Media Professionals With A Unique Training And Expertise

Education is one of the things that you should think about in terms of quality before quantity. When it comes to learning, what you will get is far more important than anything else.  In other words, the quality of education that a certain school offers should be your primary concern when choosing the right school to go to.

Choosing EMDI

If you are aspiring to be a professional in the creative and media industry which is the fastest and most dynamic sectors in the world right now, the EMDI Institute of Media And Communication is a very good choice. Why? Because of the EMDI advantage

The institute provides professional training for the Event Management and Media Industry, offers diversified courses in Public Relations and Journalism, Advertising and Communication.  Radio and DJ courses are also offered at selected centres only. 

The EMDI Training Methodology
 At EMDI, they educate their students with a very unique methodology of training. Their curricula and training content is specially designed to meet the growing needs of the creative and media industry for talented, skilled and experienced fresh graduates. 

In comparison to traditional academic education, EMDI motivates its students by putting them in the real world to experience the real working environments and gain expertise from industry professionals through its Experience Transfer Approach. Each of the courses they offer is based on practical hands on delivery, which many of its students truly enjoy.  In their website, at, you will find various testimonials through their video gallery. 

They also have Industry network, Live projects and Internships and Student Development Workshops. All these methodologies allow their students to hone and develop their skills such as language skills, interview skills, team building, presentation techniques, as well as leadership and entrepreneurship to make them industry ready.

Accessible Learning

The institute also provides their students with access to all faculty presentations and notes through their online system. With their stand on knowledge beyond boundaries, learning experience can be accessible anytime, anywhere without the need of paper and pen. Students can also learn and work on projects globally through their various centres in India, UAE, and Uganda.

Aside from providing their students with the right skills and knowledge, EMDI also develops their students to land jobs in the world's leading creative industry. They take pride in their students' success as this reflects how effective and efficient their institution is.

EMDI is a venture of Grey Cells education. It is recognised and supported by various professional associations and universities such as the EEMA or The Events and Entertainment Management Association), PRCI (Public Relations Council of India), Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. EMDI is also accredited by the global International Advertising Association (IAA) for their Advertising and Communication Courses.

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