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Ecela Spanish: Your Perfect Partner In Achieving Mastery In The Spanish Language

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When you want to learn Spanish today, you have several available options at hand. There are many online and classroom-based classes you can sign up for to gain mastery in Spanish. But it would also be great to learn a new language in a new place and setting. And the perfect place to learn Spanish now is in a country in South America.

Studying Spanish In South America

Argentina, Chile, and Peru – these are just three of the countries that you would definitely love to live or stay in while learning Spanish.

One of the leading Spanish schools, which has campuses in these three countries, is Ecela Spanish. ECELA or Español y Cultura en Latino America is a learning institution dedicated to teaching students Spanish and helping them experience the wonderful and unique cultures that only Latin America can offer.  Ecela started in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2000 and is now currently operating six Spanish language schools in three countries. 

trusted Spanish school

Courses Offered By Ecela Spanish

Below are two of the Spanish courses offered by Ecela:

Group course. This course provides students 20 lessons. Each lesson takes 50 minutes and the classes are divided between grammar and conversation.

Private instruction. This course also provides a student 20 lessons divided between grammar and conversation but on a one-on-one private learning basis with a dedicated tutor.

These courses can also last for at least one week or to more than twenty weeks, depending on the level of fluency or mastery of the Spanish language you want to achieve.

Ecela has six language schools, located in the following places:

• Buenos Aires, Argentina
• Mendoza, Argentina
• Santiago, Chile
• Viña del Mar, Chile
• Lima, Peru
• Cusco, Peru

You can learn more about the courses you can sign up for with Ecela Spanish on visit 
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Why You Should Enroll With Ecela

You will think it will be more convenient and cheaper for you if you sign up for an online Spanish class or one that is offered in a local training school. Although there is truth in this, if you have the chance to go to South America for a holiday, why not take up a short course here as well?

Aside from being able to visit some of the most beautiful countries in South America such as Argentina, Chile and Peru, take the time to learn Spanish, too. You will gain mastery in this language since Ecela focuses on helping you learn Spanish through real conversations with real people.

By learning Spanish with Ecela, you will gain all the full benefits of achieving fluency in this language and at the same time, you will learn more about the beautiful and colorful culture of Latin America and have a wonderful and unforgettable stay in Argentina, Chile or Peru.

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