Saturday, October 11, 2014

Website Review: Cherish Artz

Photography is a broad topic. Indeed, it covers lots of branches. Among these branches include wall art and landscape photography. In fact, wall art photographs are great gift ideas for holidays. In any case you are searching for the best gifts for your friends or any family member, wall art photos can be your best option. Mackay Photography is considered the best site you can check out.

About Cherish Artz

At Cherish Artz, they enjoy how photography will allow Mackay photographers to capture fleeting as well as unique moments, regardless of whether they are of your wedding, through a portrait, or perhaps their unique collection of landscape photography and wall arts.

Once you choose to deal with Cherish Artz, you will certainly become a part of their family. They strive to make every portrait sessions as hassle-free and easy which leaves you to enjoy the experience. Although they are located in Mackay, their photography still extends beyond their local area - know that they will travel to many various locations in pursuit of the best.

Cherish Artz portrays the great works of 2 most sought-after Mackay photographers - David Phillips and Cheryl Eagers.

David Phillips - Who is he?

David Phillips is a talented photographer whose love for the land gives him the inspiration to produce excellent and unique Australian landscape photography. He was born and raised in outback Queensland. He is actually known for capturing both the inner and outer beauty of his subjects. Know that he is not just a photographer, he likewise travels and explores various destinations in order to provide you with the very best in landscape art for your wall. Be aware that he is a fully accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers - AIPP, No. 6537.

Cheryl Eagers - Who is she?

Cheryl has studied both studio lighting and natural light portraiture. She actually has earned a Master of Contemporary Arts degree.  During her studies, her main subject was the form of flowers - this is actually where most of her modern art images originated. Because of her passion for the unique and beautiful, she is indeed continually developing her creative talent in bringing you only the best and amazing wall art. She is actually a known photographer whose art will call to you as well as connect with your guests. Be aware that her portrait photography is known for its natural look, as well as for capturing the unique beauty of the subjects. Like David, she is also a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography - AIPP No. 5595.

More Info About David And Cheryl

They both lived in the Mackay area for almost 27 years already. They paired up for 8 years, and in 2013, they got married. They actually endeavored  to develop their photography knowledge through continues learning, and keeping updated with the latest in photography techniques, equipment, news, and products. You can learn more about them and their works at

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