Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dubai Kennels & Cattery: Pet Caring & Relocating Services

Taking care of your pets is easy when you have the passion for it. Most pet owners make sure that they provide everything for their pets – food, shelter, even clothing for some. A lot of companies provide their services to help pet owners take care of their pets easily. Some companies do not simply provide the basic necessities such as food or grooming services.

About Dubai Kennels & Cattery
If you want more than a grooming service or a food supply for your pet, then Dubai Kennels & Cattery will be there for you. DKC has been helping out pet owners for more than 30 years now. They provide different services such as animal care, relocation services, and more. 

The company takes pride in its nurses and vets who have enough experience and training through their regular professional training. 

DKC believes that animals need the love and care their owners can give them. They too provide these whenever their boarding services are needed. They provide love as well as joy to these animals under their care. 

They provide their services with love accompanied with real training, procedures, knowledge and management; so putting your animals in their care is the best thing you can do for your pet.

Professional Services Provided
Global Relocation – If you’re off to a new location because of school or work, you don’t have to worry about leaving your pet behind. DKC can make the relocation easy for you. They are known as professional animal handlers by international airports in Dubai so they can make sure that the relocation will be as easy as it can be. Services included in global relocation are: animal relocation, pet transits, pet imports and exports,  transit care, etc.

Boarding & Daycare – entrusting your pet to a different person or facility is sometimes hard. But with a reliable company like DKC, you never have to worry about their safety. With their boarding & daycare services, your pet will surely get the care it wants and needs – from quality food, to comfortable rooms, to experienced staff.

Veterinary Clinic – Here’s something to look forward to. A veterinary clinic of Dubai Kennels & Cattery is soon to open, which is going to be headed by Dr. Lucinda Nattrass, a veterinarian specializing in critical care, internal medicine, and diagnostics. 

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